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PhoneWorld Telecommunications, served by the world’s leading networks, offers cost-efficient, top quality phone lines for Fixed Net, Mobile and Internet to corporate and residential customers in Switzerland. PhoneWorld is ready to migrate your lines to All IPCall (VoIP) in line with a country-wide move in 2017/2018.

For international customers and travellers, PhoneWorld provides a worldwide calling card/call-back service and an international SIM card which substantially reduces international roaming charges. Register online below.

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swiss landline

Swiss VoIP
IP Telephony

A cost efficient premium quality VoIP service. We connect with quality for less, so why pay more for the same?

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swiss mobile

Swiss Mobile

In partnership with leading mobile networks. Call within Switzerland and around the world for LESS! No fees. No minimum usage.

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swiss internet

Swiss Internet

Fast, secure and convenient browsing. Speeds up to 1 GB. Choose according to your needs for download and upload speeds.

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worldwide services

Worldwide Services

For the savvy international traveller we offer the International SIM card and a toll-free access of the Global Calling Card in over 80 countries.

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Switzerland is moving to an all IP digital
telecommunication network in 2017/18

When registered you also benefit from the All IP Mobile App and never pay international roaming charges again (under WiFi)

Scan or fax registration form, together with a copy of your Swiss ID
Fax: +41-22-860-1186
Email: connect@phoneworld.com

* Corporate or institutional accounts register here.

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