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Institutional (worldwide)

PhoneWorld is pleased to offer institutional clients such as telecom networks, telecom service providers, telecom retail chains etc. high quality, competitively priced 4G handsets.

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phoneworld 101 smart flip phone

The PhoneWorld 101 (PW 101)

We call it “The SMART flip phone for seniors (and children)”

PW 101 is the ideal phone for seniors (and children) providing special features such as easy to use functions, large keys, high visual contrast, emergency links etc.

PW 101 Technical Specifications (pdf)

PW 101 User Manual (pdf)




The PhoneWorld 102 (PW 102)

We call it “The only smartphone you will ever need”.

The PW 102 is our medium range, competitively-priced smartphone using Android 10.0/Nano Sim. It features a 6.2” Water Drop Screen, 4/128 GB, octa-core, 8 + 8 + 16 MP etc. Full specifications: (pdf)

The PW 102 is manufactured under highest quality standards (EC-R & TTE, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 CE, 3C, and ROHS, etc.)

PW 102 User Manual (pdf)