Swiss Landline

PhoneWorld - The Business Quality Network

PhoneWorld offers all residential and business customers in Switzerland one of the most cost efficient quality pre-select services for voice, fax, data as well as internet access. No monthly subscription charges, no minimum contract!

PhoneWorld customers are serviced by the world's largest quality networks (clear channel) operating the fastest fiber-optic networks in all major centers. In order to ensure optimum quality standards at all times, PhoneWorld's carriers avoid 'network compression'.

We always aim for clear channel. With this state-of-the-art technology you can dial direct with incredibly fast and reliable connections. Thus our Landline Service from Switzerland does not require dialing a code - nor does it require any hardware/software installations by the end-user. The system is totally automatic.

PhoneWorld is also associated with GlobalPhone, USA. This service guarantees lowest worldwide callback rates for landline and cellular phones, worldwide calling card service and other functions. (Go to Global Calling Card for details)

The Voice Box (TalkTalk Inbox)
Wouldn’t it be great if people contacting you on your Landline phone could leave you a message? With the TalkTalk Inbox, the impossible is made possible – and you won’t need a telephone answering machine any more. Simply listen to your TalkTalk Inbox, which we link to your Landline telephone, and immediately hear who has left a message for you. The TalkTalk Inbox is free and easily set up.
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