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Swiss Internet Options (including back-up system and enhanced security)

PhoneWorld provides 2 options to connect you to the internet - either under the VDSL technology or vie fiber optic:

VDSL (VoIP Data/Voice)

VDSL is available for residences and business if distance from the next Central is less than 1.200 m.  Locations over this limit need to use ADSL 2+ technology (ie a “naked”), or via fiber optic cable.

VDSL stands for Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line. VDSL operates over the copper wires in your phone line in much the same way that ADSL does, but there are a couple of distinctions. VDSL can achieve incredible speeds, as high as 500 Mbps downstream and 100 Mbps upstream (to home or office)

Download VDSL Internet Application Form: English | French

Download PhoneWorld VoIP application form for residences.
Download PhoneWorld VoIP application form for business.

Note: For residences, we continue to make the analog ADSL 2+ technology available. However, bandwidth is limited to 10/2 MB.

Fiber Optic

Fiber is already available in most metropolitan areas. for availability in your area.

Get information about fiber at:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber-optic_communication (external link)

Download Fiber Optic Application Form: English | French 

Download PhoneWorld VoIP application form for residences.
Download PhoneWorld VoIP application form for business.


Automatic Back-Up via 4G

PhoneWorld VoIP for business is protecting your internet connection via an integrated LTE modem. (LTE = Long-Term Evolution – a standard for high-speed wireless communication).

The modem achieves theoretical 100 Mbps down- and 50 Mbps upload (via LTE). A PhoneWorld Mobile SIM card is placed into the slot provided. Signal strength can be read on the front panel.

Needless to say, when there is internet failure of the Swiss internet back-bone, PhoneWorld Mobile 4G connects automatically so you will never be without access. When internet is restored, the unit switches back automatically.


Enhanced Security (By-passing the public internet)

As is well known, the ‘open or public internet’ for Voice can be subject to severe security threats.
This may include hacking, phishing, scams, eavesdropping a.o.

PhoneWorld, in cooperation with networks, have developed a new system ‘PhoneWorld Voice Connect’.
This new product will largely protect you since the routing bypasses the PUBLIC INTERNET completely.

You may request this additional security feature via for details.