Mobile via VoIP (eliminates roaming charges)

PhoneWorld VoIP subscribers may also take advantage of calling from any Swiss mobile via the internet. This is the lowest cost of making a mobile call from/to anywhere in the world as long as the mobile is in a WLAN/Wi-Fi environment. A landline VoIP connection with PhoneWorld is required for this service (exception: TV and Cable installations).

Call the world with a mobile app

PhoneWorld is providing an "IPCall Mobile" application which can be downloaded on your Swiss mobile phone (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, TalkTalk, etc.).  The new app provides you with the opportunity to call domestic and worldwide at the same low VoIP landline rates. Further, with a PhoneWorld VoIP connection the IPCall Mobile app allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world and benefit from local Swiss pricing.  There is no charge for VoIP calls between network members, whether using landline or mobile phones.


IPCall IPCall on an iPhone

All incoming calls to your landline phone will also be received on your mobile via the app. In a larger office environment this also means you have to link your DID number (direct inward dial) to your mobile phone number. See below how to set up an IPCall application.

How to get a PhoneWorld mobile IPCall app:

Your first step to get an IPCall app onto your smartphone

The mobile application for home, at the office or on the move:
With our IPCall application, any call to your landline will ring through to your mobile, wherever you are. You can call at the calling rates of your landline. Your recipient will see your landline phone number when you call from the application.

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(For all smartphones and networks)

Carefully follow these instructions to install the PhoneWorld IPCall app on your smartphone:

  1. Send an email with your name and VoIP phone number to
  2. PhoneWorld will send you a QR code (quick response code) by e-mail.  Keep the QR code open on your desktop computer screen
  3. Search for Nexphone IPCall app in Google on your phone, choose either iPhone or Android
  4. Download and install the IPCall app on your smartphone
  5. Open the IPCall app.  When requested by the app, point your mobile phone toward your desktop computer screen displaying the QR code
  6. The IPCall app will recognize your QR code and complete the installation and configuration on your mobile phone, indicating your VoIP number (usually your landline VoIP number)
  7. You are ready to make your first call


  • A QR code can only be used once. Ask for a new code if needed
  • Since data rates are substantially below normal voice rates, you may want to consider making all mobile calls using the IPCall app
  • Files or images cannot be sent with the IPCall app

The PhoneWorld IPCall service is an extension of your home or office IP phone line. Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world and benefit from low Swiss landline prices. IP calling is cost effective. It eliminates all roaming charges. You can even record your conversations.

Other Information

  • You can make and receive calls with the IPCall app anywhere in the world
  • The lowest cost use of the IPCall app is when connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Regardless of your location all calls are made as if they were local calls from Switzerland
  • If you are not connected to Wi-Fi it still pays to make calls via the IPCall app since data is cheaper than voice, and there are no roaming charges
  • Also, if somebody calls you on your Swiss home or office line, and you are anywhere in the world but not in a Wi-Fi area, you will still get the call since it is automatically routed via normal 4G (but via data)
  • Avoid additional ring tones when in home or office by turning off push notifications in settings

Security: The IP call mobile system is based on your landline connection. It is exactly the same as if you were using office handset/line. This is NOT an unsecured connection like WhatsApp, Skype, or most other IP dialing systems.

Please call the PhoneWorld/TalkTalk hotline 0800 300 250 for further guidance or information.

Download this section as a PDF document



Application - Business

Authorization form to transfer and port your current landline to PhoneWorld VoIP...
(VoIP Application: English - French).
Please complete and sign this form, then scan and email to Upon receipt, PhoneWorld will contact you to establish technical requirements (adaptation to VoIP).


VoIP for Private Residences/Home Offices

Residences and home offices are equally affected by the deactivation of analog/ISDN lines toward the end of 2017. A landline VoIP connection with PhoneWorld is required for this service (exception: TV and Cable installations).

Application - Residential/Home Offices

Corporate VoIP sign-up form

Authorization form to transfer and port your current landline to PhoneWorld VoIP.
Please complete and sign this form, then scan and email to PhoneWord will provide an IPCall app upon receipt of the application form.

Why using IPCall mobile cannot be compared to social media calls via Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc.

  1. Apart from generally superior voice quality, an IP Mobile caller can phone FROM his mobile anywhere in the world, and can be reached ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD under the same number (ie a CH landline number) – in case of no Wi-Fi the 3G/4G networks kick in automatically.

    The IPCall mobile template can actually be used for all mobile calls, irrespective of the provider. This provides great flexibility and cost advantages whilst saving whenever you are in a Wi-Fi area. When no Wi-Fi available, calls are channeled via 3G/4G. Data calls are lower cost than normal voice calls – even for calls within Switzerland.
  2. Calls via social media apps can simply not be compared to standard telephony as provided by PhoneWorld IP call mobile.
  3. Calls via social media apps may have a security issue.
    Owners (like Microsoft, Google, Facebook) can hack your data and nobody really knows what they do with it.

How to reduce cell phone radiation exposure
While IPCalls via Wi-Fi produce hardly any radiation, the IP call app can also be used as a regular mobile through 3G/4G when not in a Wi-Fi environment. Consequently, in those cases similar radiation impact exists. Read 15 Ways to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Exposure.