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Swiss VoIP FAQ


What Internet bandwidth do I need?

You need at least 150 kbps upload performance with DSL. PhoneWorld VoIP recommends a DSL minimum of 5'000/500. DSL/VDSL alternatives

What phone number do I get for PhoneWorld VoiP?

PhoneWorld will assign you a telephone number with the area code of your residence. You can also port an existing landline phone number.

Can I transfer my current landline phone number to PhoneWorld VoIP?

Yes, you can port your existing landline phone number to PhoneWorld VoiP. You need to fill in the Power of Attorney/Transfer Form form. (link pdf)

What do I need to use PhoneWorld VoIP?

How do I setup the Gigaset IP phone?

Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I setup the Cisco VoIP adapter?

Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I setup the FRITZ Box to call via PhoneWorld VoIP ?

Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I register a cordless phone with the Fritz-Box

Click here for detailed instructions.

Why is the sound quality so poor?

If you are calling and you experience poor sound quality (e.g. distortion, echo, delay, interruptions, etc.), this is mainly due to your Internet connection. PhoneWorld VoIP technology is based on Voice over IP (VoIP), and Internet is the transport medium, we are highly dependent on the stable quality of the Internet connection.

I can't make outgoing calls

Check the connections and LEDs that should be lit: Power, Internet, telephone port. (Ensure you have plugged your phone into the correct port).

I want to change my address, how can I do it?

Simply contact us by e-mail: connect@phoneworld.com

Can I surf the Internet and telephone over the Internet at the same time?

Yes, you can telephone and surf at the same time. However, if you download a large volume of data, this can affect the sound quality when telephoning.

How do a get a PhoneWorld Mobile IPCall app?

Your first step to get an IPCall app onto your smartphone

The mobile application for home, at the office or on the move:
With our IPCall application, any call to your landline will ring through to your mobile, wherever you are. You can call at the calling rates of your landline. Your recipient will see your landline phone number when you call from the application.

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Specifically, how can one set up the IPCall application?

  1. Send an email with your name and VoIP phone number to ipcall@phoneworld.com
  2. PhoneWorld sends you a QR code by email (QR = quick response code. Download an Optical Reader if necessary.)
  3. After downloading the application on your smartphone, you simply scan the QR code with your smartphone
  4. The application will be configured automatically (Auto log-in) and you're ready to make your first call


  • When your mobile is outside a WLAN/WiFi area and you are calling via the IPCall app, your call will run via the 3G/4G network which has data rates that are substantially lower than normal mobile calling.
  • Files or images cannot be sent with the IPCall app.