Swiss Standard Mobile (3G/4G)



Now you can call from your mobile within Switzerland and around
the world for LESS! See all PhoneWorld Mobile rates and mobile coverage.

Advantages of using PhoneWorld Mobile:

* within Switzerland only

Getting Started (pdf) features all services available and provides guidelines for new subscribers to initiate service.

How to Enroll with PhoneWord Mobile

a) Retain current phone number

Simply complete the transfer form English, German, French, Italian (PDF power of attorney) and email

b) Obtain a new mobile number

     (this is the fastest way to enroll)

Complete the application form online in English, German, French for a new number and email

Note: PhoneWorld Mobile is offered in partnership with TalkTalk Ltd. and Sunrise.

How to transfer your Pre-Paid phone number to PhoneWorld Mobile

To ensure a smooth transfer, please unsubscribe from your current prepaid mobile network provider (i.e. Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange) as soon as possible by sending a SMS to phone number 499 with the following text: YES

Bear in mind that your prepaid card must still contain calling time credit to make this call.

If you have any further questions, please contact our PhoneWorld/TalkTalk hotline toll-free at 0800 300 250.


How to reduce or avoid International Roaming

1. travelers can eliminate about 85% of roaming charges. Go to International SIM Card page.

Note: smartphones in general are set to automatically check for email at regular intervals. Apps often work in the background without your knowledge. The solution: When traveling outside Switzerland shut down data roaming completely on handset. For an independent review on how to avoid data roaming charges.

2. The most cost-effective program is to enroll in IPCall mobile.

Roaming — Coverage and Rates



How to reduce / minimize cell phone radiation exposure

Scientists can't seem to make up their mind about cell phones. Do they produce radiation? Yes. Is the radiation they produce harmful to us? They aren't sure. However, putting all their reports together, a pattern of tips and precautions becomes clear.

Read 15 Ways to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Exposure and Harmful effects of mobile phones on children.