Worldwide Services

Quality connections worldwide for less! So why pay more?

PhoneWorld, in partnership with GlobalPhone provides long distance telephone services, tailored to meet your needs and priced to reduce your calling costs. Choose the services that are right for you:

The Global Calling Card - The World's Best Phone Card!
Call from any phone in over 80 countries. Low rates and no fees will keep you using this service. Includes a conference call option.

Global Callback
If you live outside Switzerland, use Callback for low international rates. It works in every country and no special equipment is required. Swiss and international customers may also arrange Callback from their mobile phones for additional savings.

Smarter Faxing! eFax gives you a local fax number that lets you send and receive faxes by email. Access your faxes anywhere you can access email - worldwide!

For the savvy travelers, we offer an international SIM card in partnership with OneSimCard, a leading provider of international cell phone and mobile roaming service in nearly 200 countries. The OneSimCard is for the international traveler wanting the freedom, savings and convenience of the no-contract cell phone service.

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