Global Callback

Callback is mostly for customers living outside Switzerland, or those Swiss residents wishing to make cost-effective international calls on their mobile phone via Callback.

Callback service offers low international phone rates by initiating all calls in the US. Trigger a callback using your phone, and within seconds, GlobalPhone calls you back from the US. When you answer, we prompt you to dial your destination number.




How Does Callback Work?

Callback is easy to use. You only need a touch tone phone. The procedure is simple:

  1. To initiate a callback, the caller must trigger his or her phone number. There are several methods
    • Callers may dial a pre-assigned phone number and hangs up after the first ring. The call is never completed so the caller is not charged for that portion of the call by the local phone company

    • Calls may be triggered from cellular telephones using SMS messages (Simple Messaging Service) or using email

  2. Within seconds after triggering your call, the system calls you back. Upon answering, the caller is instructed to dial the destination number. GlobalPhone will only bill for call if the call connects.

  3. After finishing the call, the caller simply hangs up or presses # on the phone keypad to place another call

The entire process adds about ten seconds to normal dialing. Callback also works with cellular phones and fax machines. There is no need to change your existing long distance provider. Callback is fast, easy, and dramatically lowers expenditures.

Additional Callback Features