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phoneworld 580 Walkie Talkie


PhoneWorld Walkie Talkie – Reference PW 580

The PhoneWorld Professional Walkie Talkie has strong performance : High Power. Long Standby Time, High-definition Sound Quality. Reduces signal attenuation, enhances signal stability and breaks through layers of obstacles. 10 km City talking range. 20 km Ocean talking range.

Dustproof and Waterproof. Anti-Permeation Design. No fear of wind, rain, dust and other impurities.

Display screen (LCD) to display channels and other usage status. Unit is easy to use with belt clip.--


phoneworld 580 Walkie Talkie


              Walkie Talkie

Product size
(excluding antenna)


Battery Life

Around 14 hours

Working temperature

-25℃ to 55℃


UHF: 400-470MHZ

Talking Range

                  10 - 25 km

PW 580 Technical Specifications (pdf)






walkie talkie walkie talkie walkie talkie



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